Campus Info

School Hours

8:10 am to 3:25 class times

Doors open at 7:40am | Doors close at 3:55 pm

Helpful Phone Numbers

Campus: 512-570-3300

Campus Fax: 512-570-3305

Attendance: 512-570-3314

Clinic: 512-570-3307

Clinic Fax: 512-570-9237

Registrar: 512-570-3315

Registrar Fax: 512-570-1006

Athletic Fax: 512-436-4705

Assistant Principals

6th Grade – Dr. Rochelle Chatman

7th Grade – Ms. Shanelle Douglas

8th Grade – Mr. Adam Garza


6th Grade – Ms. Sherry Betts

7th Grade - Mr. Scott Roberts

8th Grade – Mrs. Lynette Alanis

Visit the Staff Directory page for more information.