Library Information


Julie Brooks
Phone 512-570-3334

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Library Hours

School days from 8:15 am - 4:15 pm

Library Checkout Policy

Students are allowed to check out three books at a time. The library circulates books from its general collection for two weeks. Reference books circulate overnight and magazines circulate for one week.

Lost and Damaged Library Material

Patrons who lose library material shall be charged the replacement cost when the cost can be determined; otherwise, the original price of the material is charged. Damaged library material charges shall be based on the condition of the material. The librarian shall determine the condition of the damaged material.

Student Identification

Students must know and will key in his/her own ID number each time library materials are checked out. In order to use computers with Internet access, students must have approval from their parents stated on the AUP.

About The Librarian

Hello! My name is Julie Brooks, and I am the librarian at Running Brushy Middle School. I have been in education since 1994. I previously taught in Arlington ISD, Midlothian ISD, and was the librarian at Jim Plain Elementary in LISD before coming to Running Brushy MS. My gift of teaching continues while I share my passion for reading and inspiring a love for reading in students. I believe the library is the hub of the school and an enjoyable place to continue lifelong learning. I’ve been told my whole life that books can take you anywhere, and coupled with the information super highway of 21st century learning, it’s a win-win place to teach, work, learn, and play.

LISD Library Mission

Our mission is to lead our school communities by fostering literacy in an environment that challenges students to IMAGINE possibilities, EXPLORE opportunities and CONNECT with the future and the world.